About Our Company

Hello! Welcome to Rocking Goat Farms! It all started out as a yearning to return to my "farming roots." In 2008, after living for years in the city and working in real estate, I decided to purchase 5 acres in the country. Soon after, I purchased 2 milking does from a Craigslist ad, a cheesemaking book, and a small flock of chickens. At that time, I had no idea that this simple yearning would morph into Rocking Goat Farms!

     9 years later, we have a milking herd of registered LaMancha and Nubian dairy goats that produce outstanding quality milk for producing some of the best handcrafted farmstead cheeses. Along with our cheeses, we  have other offerings as well that you can find on our website.

Our motto is simple:  "Real food from real famers."

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